Coden Hydrographic Survey Boat


RC-S3 Twin Motor/Prop Model

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The Coden Hydrographic Survey Boat is a remote control platform designed for quick deployment and use in shallow waters and hard to reach areas.  The small size allows for a one man operation which can reduce time and costs of versus deploying regular crews in larger full size boats.  Man hours can be greatly reduced and also no more time spent hitching up larger boats and needing docks to land at the target sites.

However, the Coden Survey Boat can also be utilized along with conventional hydrographic surveying methods.  It can be launched and remotely controlled from another larger boat or from land whenever shallow waters and hard to reach areas become a problem. Simply, deploy the Coden Survey Boat from your conventional boat or from shore, launch the unit and paint over the problem area and your surveying for that target is done.

The unit is small and portable, but sturdy and dependable. Our dedicated software and interface makes its use very simple. With instructions and practice, any person can collect data.

The reduction in time and cost using the Coden Survey Boat will give your company a competitive edge for job bids over others. 

RC-S3, New 2012 Model Twin prop - Twin motor All sealed, waterproof

Uses and services:

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Shores
  • Ports
  • Canals and waterways
  • Dredging
  • Marine construction
  • Disaster response
One-man operation
No boat docks needed, saving time and money saved in every project used.
Our own dedicated software,
allows raw dated to be converted
to any platform.
Portable, dependable, sturdy and easy to carry



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