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  1. Communications antenna - Boat utilizes 2.4GHz Wireless LAN, with a range of 500 meters
  2. GPS antenna - SBAS, Hemisphere A100 Smart Antenna
  3. Power button
  4. Battery compartment lid
  5. Battery lid locks
  6. Propeller (2.8 knots top boat speed)
  7. Rudder
  8. Navigation lights
  9. Sonic depth finder - Single beam - 6 or 24 degrees, 200kHz, resolution of 0.01m, depth range 0.5m to 80m
  10. Handle
  11. Tow bar

Boat dimensions and weight

Length 41.7 inches
Width 10.63 inches
9.84 inches (Without antenna)
Weight 20.5 lbs (28.6 lbs with batteries)



Battery Charger

2 on board Rechargeable nickel hydride battery 10A
Battery life
90-120 minutes depending on speed of boat
Additional batteries brought to the site is recommended



Base Station Pouch
  1. Power Modem
  2. Power supply box
  3. Battery
  Hand controller   Laptop desk and antenna
  1. Antenna
  2. Antenna cable (to modem)
  3. Wooden desk
  4. Shoulder straps


GPS A100 Hemisphere   Propeller  


battery & SD card compartment